Initial Hazardous Waste Site Worker


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Initial Hazardous Waste Site Worker Course (40 Hour)

40 Hours

This course satisfies the worker training requirements for general hazardous waste site workers. This course covers the material required by the OSHA standard and the NIEHS Minimum Criteria. It is applicable to general site workers, but emphasizes job activities and hazards that Teamsters are likely to encounter. The course provides realistic hands-on training activities.

Hazardous waste site workers, for example, drivers, dock workers, drill rig operators, special vehicle operators, decontamination workers, etc.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(3)(i) and 29 CFR 1926.65(e)(3){i)

Instructor lecture with student questions and discussion.
Small group student activities.
Demonstration of equipment and procedures.
Hands-on activities:
(1) Inspecting, donning, using and doffing air purifying respirators and self contained breathing apparatus.
(2) Dress-out in Level B and Level C.
(3) Activities that simulate hazardous waste site operations, including, sampling. over-packing and staging drums, loading and securing shipments of hazardous waste, decontamination of personnel and vehicles.

304-page student manual: Teamsters Hazardous Waste Worker Training. Case studies for student analysis and discussion in small groups.

Videos and slides showing hazardous waste site conditions and work activities, including the following videos: Heat Stress, Confined Space Entry, Chemical Incompatibility, Levels of Protection.


  1. Two instructors teach this course.
  2. A student/instructor ratio of no more than 5 to 1 is maintained during simulated site activities that involve dress-out in Level B or Level C.


  1. Completed this course as a student with current certification (including refresher training).
  2. Practice taught this course supervised by an experienced instructor.
  3. Evaluated by the Principal Investigator
  4. Attends annual lBT Instructor Development Program.

25 Question multiple choice Pre-Test.
50 Question multiple choice Post-Test. 35 correct (70%) to pass course.

This course follows topics and learning objectives contained in the student manual. These are listed below.

Introduction and Pre-test (2 Hours)
Student and instructor introductions. Course overview. Pre-test.

Rights and Responsibilities (1 hour)
Federal agencies. Training requirements. Employee rights. Uncontrolled sites. HAZWOPER.

Safety Hazards (3 Hours)
Accident prevention. Fire. Electrical. Excavations. Vehicles. Chemical incompatibility.

Health Hazards (4 Hours)
Adverse health effects. Routes of entry. Standards. Heat stress. Noise. Radiation. Cold.

Medical Surveillance (1 hour)
Purpose. Covered workers. When exams required. Medical exam contents.

Hazard Communication (2 Hours)
OSHA HAZCOM Standard. MSDS's. Labels. NIOSH Pocket Guide.

Respiratory Protection (I): Overview and APR's (1 hour)
Airborne hazards. APR's. PAPR's. Filters/cartridges. Respiratory protection programs.

Hands-on Activity: Air Purifying Respirator Fit-test and Use (2 hours)

Respiratory Protection (II) Atmosphere supplying respirators (1 Hour)
SCBA's. SAR's. IDLH atmospheres. Respirator selection.

Hands-on Activity: SCBA Check-out and Use (2 Hours)

Protective Clothing (1 Hour)
Protective clothing materials. Selection. Levels of protection.

Decontamination (1 Hour)
Contamination. Decontamination methods. Personnel. Vehicles.

Hazard Control (1 Hour)
Safety and Health Plan. Hazard zones. Buddy system. Incident command system. Emergencies.

Hands-on Activity: LEVEL B Dress-out (3 Hours)

Monitoring Equipment (1 Hour)
Direct reading instruments. Calibration. Instrument use.

Drum Handling (1 Hour)
Drum opening and sampling. Moving and staging drums.

Overpacking. Confined Space Entry Awareness (2 Hours)
Hazard recognition. Permit system. Safe work practices.

Hands-on Activity: Chemical Incompatibility (1 Hour)

Hands-on Activity: Site Work practices and Decontamination (3 Hours)

Transportation of Hazardous Materials (2 Hours)
Safety and security. Markings, labels and placards. Loading. Driving. Incident notification.

Review Sessions (4 Hours total over four days)

Post-test and evaluation (1 Hour