Construction Truck Driving Apprenticeship

Get started today on a Career that will last a lifetime. 

Minimum Qualifications?

Learn what the minimum requirements are to join the apprenticeship.

Learn to Drive and Get a Job

Other training programs just teach you how to pass a test. Teamsters Training is different since we are motivated to find great drivers for our industry. Other programs simply don't offer the one-on-one training that we do . Not only that we have direct access to local employers and assist with work placement as soon as you graduate. In other words - we teach you to drive and get you a job.


The Washington Construction Teamsters Apprenticeship Program is a 3000 hour on the job training program covering a variety of Teamster Construction Equipment, including truck and pup, dump trucks, and belly dumps.

During your apprenticeship you will work on construction sites - learning your trade from qualified journey person teamsters. In addition, you will attend supplemental related training of at least 144 hours per year.


What to Expect

Prior to beginning your on the job training, you must attend six weeks (240 hours) of initial training at the Training Center to learn the basics of the trade and prepare you to pass the required tests to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License with all endorsements required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You are not paid for the six weeks of initial training.

Construction employment is somewhat different than most industries. A contractor hires only enough construction hands to complete a project. Upon job completion, and layoff, the apprentice must sign the out-of-work list at the union hall.

The wages and fringe benefits for journey person teamsters are negotiated with the employers. Apprentice wages are based on a percentage of the current journey person wage rate. A beginning apprentice’s wage rate is 70% of a journey person’s hourly wage. An apprentice’s wage increases in 10% increments as he/she advances through the program.